Homemade Whipped cream

Whipped cream makes practically any dessert so much better! even then, homemade whipped cream can top the store bought stuff!

Whipped cream is a staple for most desserts so its always handy to have a staple recipe for it!

Here is the recipe I tend to follow. This recipe yields just around 2 cups of whipped cream. It has you place your metal bowl and whisk into the freezer before beginning. Now this step is optional, however it does leave a result in your whipped cream having the frozen bowl and whisk.

To make the actual whipped cream its self, you just whisk together sugar and heavy whipping cream. Simple as that! I find it best to use a handheld mixer or standup instead of whisking by hand just because it goes by a lot faster. You whisk until the cream has formed into stiff peaks and it is ready to serve!

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