Deep fried oreos

Deep. Fried. Oreos.

Need I say less?

You get them on boardwalks and events, but now you can get them in your kitchen!

What you need: Pancake mix, oreos, oil.. Yes, that is it.

To begin, put your oil in a pan and get it heating up.

Then, make your pancake batter with just the mix and water and ensure the consistency is similar to pancake batter.

Now test your oil! I take a fork and dip it into the batter then drop it into your oil. You’ll know its hot enough when the batter floats to the top and begins bubbling. If its not there yet, wait and try again because if you try frying your oreos, it may just end up soggy.

When your batter is ready, just coat your oreo in the pancake batter and then toss them in the oil.

Here is the timing that works perfect for me:

coat oreo #1, put #1 it in the oil, coat oreo #2, put #2 in the oil, Flip #1, coat #3, put #3 in oil, Flip #2, remove #1, coat #4, place #4 in oil,  and so on. This is what I found to give you a perfectly fried batter on both sides of the oreo.

Place the friend oreos on a napkin to absorb any extra oil and plate with sprinkled powdered sugar on top!

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