Strawberry shortcake

Photo taken by Makenzy Beckwith

Strawberry shortcake.. an all time favorite. You can decide between angel’s food cake or shortbread and today, we chose shortbread.

My mom and I used a bisquick shortbread recipe. It is such an easy recipe to follow, all you need is the bisquick mix, milk, sugar, and butter to form this dough. Once that is done you plop them in the oven and move on to making the strawberries and whipped cream.

For the strawberries, I began by washing them, then cut off the greens and sliced them into thin slices and threw them all in a bowl. I put a little bit of sugar (to taste) and mashed them all a little to get them soft and juicy.

For whipped cream, I love making my own but for this I was unable. There is a recipe for whipped cream along with the shortbread and that is a great one to follow, you whip up the heavy whipping cream until it forms peaks. You can add sugar here as well if you have more of a sweet tooth, like this recipe here. This recipe is much more precise and has an extra step of freezing your bowl and whisk before hand!


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