Doctored Up Cake

Do you ever want to bake a cake for an event but don’t want to buy all the ingredients to bake it from scratch? But you also want it to be a bit more than just a boxed cake? Well, I have a doctored up cake box recipe!

You will need:

for the cake:

Box cake mix

Pudding mix (correlating flavor to your cake)




for the frosting:

can of buttercream frosting

powder sugar


flavoring of your choice (optional)

let’s get baking!

You are going to follow the recipe on the back of the box exactly, except substitute the oil for melted butter and add the box of pudding mix and an extra (roughly) 2 tablespoons of water until it is the perfect cake batter consistency. You pop it in the oven just as the box says and when it comes out, it tastes like a homemade cake from scratch with way less effort!


As for frosting, if you buy one can of buttercream frosting, you can one make it go a lot longer and two make it taste more homemade by adding powdered sugar and milk! Now, there is no real measurements for these as it depends on how much you want and need! Just add some powdered sugar, then some milk and keep going until it is a nice thick consistency you can frost your cake with. You can also add flavoring into your frosting like vanilla, lemon, almond and many more.



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