Non stick necessities

Welcome back!!

On this post I will be showing you all my favorite way to bake a cake to have it slide out in a perfect piece. Because, if you have baked a cake before- you know the pain of it sticking and ripping.

First things first, what will you need?

any type of cooking spray, pans of your choice, and parchment paper.

Step one

Spray your pans with an even coat of your cooking spray.  Be sure to get it on all edges and corners because this will act as a glue for step two.

step two

Using parchment paper line all edges of your pans. I showed here a square and a circle to demonstrate how I line each shape. For the circle- fold a square slightly larger than your circle into half then half in the corner to form a triangle. Once you have this you can cut the triangle half the size of the circle. Once it opens, it will be a perfect circle to fill the bottom of your pan. For the square, cut one long strip long enough to cover the two opposite sides and the bottom. To finish off the sides of both pans, I save scraps of my parchment paper from previous times or just mess ups and line the sides piecing them together to cover all the sides.

step three

Lastly, Pour in your batter and throw them in the oven! Once cooked you can easily flip the cake onto a cool cookie tray and peel away the parchment paper for a perfect cake that slides right out!



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