My first blog post

first chocolate drizzle cake

Welcome on my journey on baking the world a better place! This is where I will be posting all about my tips/tricks as well as my favorite recipes. In awe of this, I also made my first chocolate drizzle cake.

I used a vanilla sponge cake recipe that I found from Georgia’s cakes. This recipe worked perfectly for my two 6 inch round cake pans! Since one of my pans is an extra inch taller, I let that one bake slightly longer as well as cut that one into two layers while leaving the other cake in one leveled out layer. I filled this cake as well as frosted it with a traditional buttercream recipe and topped it off with a chocolate ganache.

Vanilla sponge cake with American buttercream

I also purchased a turn table which made this cake a million times easier to decorate. This set I found on Amazon came with a turn table as well as a frosting scraper, reusable piping bag, a few tips, a pen, an offset spatula as well as frosting scissors. I would definitely recommend purchasing this if you ever plan on decorating any cake!

A few tips and tricks from this cake experience:

Bake your cakes the day before!! After you bake them remove them from the pan to let cool and Saran Wrap in the fridge over night! This will make the rest of your assembly process go by much smoother!

Make sure your buttercream is thick, but not too thick. It should drop as a ball when you plop it on your cake and not start re-shaping itself. As you can see on the bottom layer of cake, there is minimal frosting, this is because I didn’t make my frosting thick enough. When I placed the rest of my layers, that layer of buttercream mostly squeezed its way out.

For the ganache, it is about equal parts chocolate and cream to get the perfect consistency. You are aiming for white Elmers glue! I poured the ganache in the center of my cake and slowly began pushing it towards the edges.


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